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Professional copyediting for fiction

Some questions on copyediting​

professional copyediting

What is copyediting?​

Very simply, copyediting is the refinement of the written word. A copyeditor takes a text and works through it with the goal of honing it into its sharpest form. The edit may follow various modes. It may be a very base operation addressing grammar, punctuation and spelling. Or, it may take a more in-depth approach, addressing syntax and even style. Whatever the process, a quality copyedit will always improve a text. And a text can always be improved upon.

professional copyediting

Do I need copyediting?​

In a word, yes. All written work, without exception, can use editing. Seeing your work through someone else’s eyes is frightening, devastating and marvellous all at once, but don’t let that put you off. Working with good editors is essential, not only for the improvement and the polishing of your text, but for your development as a writer.

professional copyediting

What can professional copyediting do for me?​​

It’s very difficult to have an unbiased critical opinion of your own work. Writing is done from a place of creativity but editing is approached with sober logic. Not to say that editing will rip the beauty or the elegance from your words – all it will do is make sure that your narrative flow is not interrupted by the clumsiness that necessarily slips out during the creative process.

professional copyediting
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