Find a copy editor that works

It’s not always easy to find a copy editor that works for you. It’s important to have compatability in any working relationship. So I work on a sample basis. I do a sample edit on your work, and you decide if you think I’m the right fit. So contact me for a quote or a sample edit just send me an email and I’ll get back to you shortly.


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How to find an editor that compliments your work

find a copy editor

Very simple – try a few. Get a few samples done and decide which is the best fit for your manuscript. It’s essential for the working relationship to feel right. A good place to start is the CIEP directory.

It’s important that you have a sense of the variety of editors out there, and the suitability of each to you as a writer and creator.  Consider what you need, and weigh all the options. For those of you who find me an editor that understands your creative process, I look forward to working with you. 

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